ミーシャ ジャネットMisha Janette

ファッションディレクターとして、Nicki Minaj, Capsule, Koda Kumiなどにコスチュームをつくり、ランウェイと雑誌のスタイリングも実施。日本のファッションをグローバルにするため、日英ファッションブログ「Tokyo Fashion Diaries」をThe Business of Fashion.comで展開。

Born in Washington State, Misha moved to Tokyo in 2004 to study at the prestigious Bunka Fashion College. She’s contributed to The Japan Times newspaper for 8 years and writes for many other lauded publications inside and out of Japan. As a fashion director she’s worked on costumes with pop artists such as Nicki Minaj, CAPSULE and Koda Kumi, as well as styling for magazines and runway shows. Her bilingual fashion blog Tokyo Fashion Diaries was lauded by The Business of and is a bridge to understanding Japanese fashion through culture. She appears on TV such as hosting NHK World’s Kawaii International and TBS/Youtube joint TV show “Tokyo Extra”.