Snapchatが次に進出するのは、まさかのメガネThese odd looking glasses may be next evolution of Snapchat

なぜ今のタイミングでアイグラス市場に進出するのかWhy eyewear, and why now?

世界の若者たちを魅了する新しいSNSアプリといえば、Snapchat。Snapchat is the social media app that all the cool kids are on these days.


They just teased their latest product, sunglasses with a built-in camera called ‘Spectacles.’


Just give them a tap when you want to shoot a video and wirelessly upload it to your Snapchat account.The 115 degree fisheye lens has a field of view close to the human eye, making the viewer feel as if they’re right there with you.


Say goodbye to existential camera crises like “to shoot in landscape or portrait?” or “should I bring along a DSLR too?”

価格は130ドル。Google Glassのような超高価な商品ではないため、気軽にSNSライフへ取り入れることができそうだ。

They’re yours for a mere $130. Unlike Google Glass you can add these to your social media experience without breaking the bank.



Since the net has become the main way for us to communicate there’s a record of pretty much everything we say. Social media is a great way to share your life with others but for some the thought of never being able to take it back is too much. The genius of Snapchat is that it is (or was, since you can save content now) a purely ephemeral experience. It’s no big deal sending goofy selfies with your friends when you know they’ll disappear soon enough. If ‘no worries’ is Snapchat’s motto then these Spectacles fit right in. They’re sure to come come in handy while freeing up your hands in all sorts of situations.