あなたはツーリスト? トラベラー? 能動的に“旅”を楽しむサービス2つ Are you a tourist or a traveler? Making the most of your trip to Japan.

チケット、宿、観光etc. すべてを旅行会社にお願いしたツアーは快適だ。しかし、有名な観光地やありふれたラグジュアリーホテルを諦めることで、あなたの旅は、刺激的な人・文化と出会うかけがえのないものにもなりうる。そんな“旅体験”を手軽に実現するサービスを2つ紹介しよう。

You can’t beat package tours for convenience. From the plane tickets, to the hotel, to the sightseeing activities, travel companies have the entire trip itinerary down at a simple click of a button. However, package tours don’t necessarily have to equal bog-standard hotels and crowded tourist spots. We introduce two travel companies who are a far cry from the tick-box tourism mentality, immersing travelers to Japan into entirely new realms of culture, friendship and adventure.

東京近郊の “生活”と出会うTABICAExperience life in the Tokyo suburbs with TABICA

旅の内容は、ホスト次第なので、とてもバラエティに富んでいる。農業体験、陶芸体験、ジュエリー作り、消しゴムはんこ彫り、しゃもじ作りetc. “パソコン分解体験”なんていうものまであった。少人数催行が基本のため、地元のホストたちとさまざまな会話を楽しめるのも魅力だ。東京近郊に住んでいるなら、あなた自身がホストになることもできる。

Something all travelers to Japan should definitely experience once is this taste-of-reality day trip service, TABICA. Offering various courses to villages in the countryside around Tokyo, real resident hosts will come to meet you at the station and introduce you to their daily routine.
All the hosts are different - there are farmers, ceramic makers, jewelry makers, rubber seal makers and wooden spoon makers. There’s even a person who disassembles computers for a living. As each tour is designed for a small number of people, you can enjoy chatting with the hosts and experience their craft hands-on.

ホストとして海外からの旅行者を受け入れるHuber.Experience Japan with real local guides with Huber.

サイトには「TOMODACHI GUIDE ARE WAITING WITH UNIQUE PLANS FOR YOU」という見出しとともに、日本人及び在日外国人によるさまざまなプランが掲載されている。「箱根へのドライブと温泉」といったベーシックなプランから、「相撲の朝稽古見学」なんていういかにも日本的なプランや「下北沢で“Kawaii”を発見しよう」なんていうプランもあった。

This spring, the Beta version of Huber was launched. A matching service designed for travelers in need of real local travel guides; Huber gives you the chance to enjoy cultural exchange with real local guides as you experience Japan together.
Their promo video‘TOMODACHI GUIDE ARE WAITING WITH UNIQUE PLANS FOR YOU’ is a glimpse into what aims to be more of a shared friendship experience compared to some other travel guide websites. With basic plans such as ‘Hakone onsen experience’, ‘Early morning sumo practice viewing’, or even ‘Finding ‘kawaii’ in Shimokitazawa’, there’s experiences to suit every interest and ensure you make new friends and great memories.


In the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Japan is keen to boost its ‘omotenashi’ (hospitality) image, and TABICA and Huber may just be the platforms to successfully connect the residents of Japan with the world. Sure, there are plenty of package trips covering all the major tourist spots, but next time you come to Japan, why not try one of these new services to engage with the locals and make a few friends whilst you’re here? You won’t regret it.


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