TOKYOモノ語りvol.2 / 防水Bluetoothスピーカー「JBL Clip+」 It’s a Tokyo Thing vol.2 / ‘JBL Clip+’ Waterproof Speaker


Tokyo is flooded with information and materials. So what must-have items does it take to stay afloat in this ever changing city?

ガジェットからファッション、インテリアに至るまで、幅広い知識を持つメディアクリエイターのハイロックが、自宅に所蔵する数千点以上のコレクションの中から、Z世代におすすめのアイテムを紹介してもらう連載企画「TOKYOモノ語り」。今週は、JBLから2015年に発売されたBluetoothスピーカー『JBL CLIP+』をピックアップする。
『JBL CLIP+』は、ポケットサイズで150gと小型軽量ながら、40mmのスピーカーを内蔵し、パワフルなサウンドを実現したポータブルスピーカーである。JBLブランド初となるスプラッシュプルーフ(防水)にも対応し、海水浴などのアウトドアだけでなく、キッチン、浴室などの水周りでも使えるのが特長だ。

In his ‘It’s a Tokyo Thing’ series media creator Hirock shares his knowledge of gadgetry, fashion and interior items along with gear suggestions for Generation Z out of his massive personal collection. Up this week is the ‘JBL CLIP+’ bluetooth speaker released in 2015.
At a light 150 grams the JBL CLIP+ is a pocket-sized yet packs powerful sound thanks to the 40mm speaker inside. The brand’s first foray into splashproof tech is perfect to use outdoors, in the kitchen or even in the bath.


“There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers on the market and to be perfectly honest there isn’t a huge difference between them. The sound will be fine but at this size you can’t expect deep, rumbling bass,” says Hirock, who chose this speaker for its size rather than sound. “Bluetooth speakers are popular but they’re usually too big for your pocket, and even if you put one in your bag you aren’t likely to whip it out. The old saying “Better too big than too small” doesn’t always apply to choosing the right gear. For these, it’s all about being compact.”


Hirock also had this to say about the surprisingly useful namesake clip: “That clip makes a huge difference in how often you’ll want to use these. I’ve got an S-hook in my bathroom and clip the speaker there a lot. It’s pretty common to choose black or silver for daily carry items, but for stuff like this I actually like to go with a flashier color.”

2016年には、デザインをよりシンプルにした後継モデル『JBL CLIP2』が発売されているが、ハイロックは「性能は良くなったかもしれないけど、プロダクト好きからすれば完全にダメな進化」とバッサリ切り捨てる。
「『JBL CLIP2』は、クリップとスピーカーが完全に別のパーツになってしまったのが残念。製品コンセプトがずれてるし、デザイン的な統一感もない。あのアイデアを許すなら、自分でカスタムすればいいってことになってしまう。どっちかだけを買うなら、ぼくは断然『CLIP+』がおすすめかな」

The more streamlined ‘JBL CLIP2’ came out in 2016 but according to Hirock “They may have improved some functions but as a gear connoisseur it’s a total dud.”
“It’s disappointing that they chose to separate the clip from the speaker on the ‘JBL CLIP2.’ It goes against the whole concept, plus the design is just lacking. If you’re going to get that, I’d suggest customizing it yourself. If you can only chose one speaker, going with the ‘CLIP+’ is a no-brainer in my book.”


Sometimes over designing a product can take away all its charm. Try to tackle the design elements like Hirock would whenever you’re in the market for a new toy.


メディアクリエイター / HIVISION founder
アパレルブランド「A BATHING APE®」のグラフィックデザインを経て2011年独立。表現の場を選ばないメディアクリエイターとしてのキャリアをスタート。ファッション誌GRINDでの連載をはじめメディア各方面にてグッドデザインアイテム、最新のガジェットを紹介。著書に『I LOVE FND ボクがコレを選ぶ理由』。


Hirock is a media creator and founder of HIVISION.
After doing graphic design for apparel brand ‘A BATHING APE®’ he began his solo career as a multi-faceted media creator in 2011. He began introducing designer goods and gadgets in his GRIND Magazine column and is author of ‘I LOVE FND Boku ga Kore wo Erabu Riyuu (Why I Chose These).’