本当にセックスしないの!?“セックス離れ”の実態を探る Are we really not having sex!? The straight dope on celibacy syndrome.

単刀直入に聞きたい。あなたはこの1か月以内に、誰かとセックスしただろうか? 夫婦、恋人、ワンナイトラブ、性風俗を利用etc. どんな関係性で誰と行為に及んだかは、ひとまず置いておこう。この問いに「YES」と答えるのは、Z世代全体の何割だろう。過半数を超える? 4割程度? それとも3割以下? さまざまなニュースやメディアが報じる “若者のセックス離れ”が真実なら、もっと少ないかもしれない。

At the risk of being blunt, we’ve got to ask--have you had sex in the last month? It doesn’t matter if it was with a spouse, a lover, a one night stand or a prostitute. We just want to know how many members of Generation Z can answer ‘yes.’ Is it the majority? 40%? Under 30%? If we’re to believe the media when they talk about the vast reduction in sex among younger generations, it could be even less.


Here’s just a few examples of what’s out there. In 2014 an article in British newspaper The Guardian titled “Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex?” garnered international attention. The October 24th 2016 edition of Asahi Shinbun Digital’s weekly magazine ‘AERA’ ran a special called “Japanese and Sex.” In it, they conducted a sex survey of 500 men and women between the ages of 20 and 70 which found that regardless of age people were generally interested in sex.


Now let’s look at some data on the subject. In 2013 Condom manufacturer Sagami Rubber Industries Co Ltd launched a net survey called ‘Sex in Japan.’ Their findings showed that 40.6% of men in their 20s are virgins. The number for women was 25.5%. Meanwhile, 55.1% of those surveyed answered that they would like to have sex. A survey aimed at people in relationships found that men in their 20s have sex an average of 4.1times per month. That’s the most for any age group, which isn't saying much when you consider that the general average was a mere 2.1 times.

……でも、若者の性欲ってそんなにシンプルな理由で失せるものだろうか? 品位に欠けるが、もう1度聞きたい。「みんな本当にヤってないの?」と。 若い時分の健全な男性なら、精力の源である“男性ホルモン(テストステロン)”がしっかり分泌されている。それは女性だって同じだ。食欲や睡眠欲と並ぶ3大欲求の性欲が消えてしまうことは、流石にないはず。それでも、セックス離れは進んでいるらしい。ホントに? 性欲減退? そもそも恋愛しないの? 日本はどうなっちゃうの?などなど、考え始めると、頭の中が「???」で埋め尽くされてしまう。この謎、解いておかねばなるまい。

In comparison, a survey conducted by condom maker Durex found that the French have sex an average of 120 per year, or roughly 10 times a month. Unsurprisingly France has managed to avoid a population decline. At any rate, these numbers show just how little Japanese are having sex.
Among the reasons given for the low interest in sex here are that there’s an ever-increasing abundance of other ways to occupy your time and a paradigm shift in communication brought on by social media. This is especially true for those in their teens and 20s. Lower wages and longer hours also mean that people have less time and money to spend on courting the opposite sex. We could go on and on with reasons but you get the picture.
What we’re wondering, though, is if such simple obstacles could really curb young people’s appetite for sex. So you’ll have to excuse our frankness when we ask you again, are you all really not hooking up? Testosterone, the male sex hormone, should be coursing through the veins of all young males. The same can be said for females. We have a hard time believing that one of mankind’s most primal urges, along with eating and sleeping, could disappear just like that. And yet that seems to be the case. Really, guys? Is it due to weak libidos? Lack of a love interest? Aren’t you thinking of the future of our country? There are so many questions... We need to get to the bottom of this before our heads explode.


With all this in mind, we decided to talk with two of the leaders in Japan’s sex market, TENGA and Sagami Rubber Industries Co Ltd. Read on for their thoughts regarding young people’s sex drives and the decline thereof.

TENGAに聞く。若者の性欲減退説は、ホント? ウソ?TENGA weighs in on the waning interest in sex. Is it for real, or a media creation?

Q.若年層のセックス離れについて、どのようなご意見をお持ちですか?What’s your opinion on this? Are young people really uninterested in sex?

株式会社TENGA広報宣伝部:工藤まおりさん TENGA PR rep Maori Kudo


Kudo (K): Well before you have sex you need to build trust in a relationship by going on dates and whatnot, right? I think that’s where we need to focus first. Kids these days are highly risk averse and self-conscious, not to mention freaked out about their finances and future. When it comes to love, they don’t want to be vulnerable and worry about what’ll happen if they get dumped. As a result they shy away from dating and sex.

Q.セックス以前に、恋愛離れも進んでいるのですね。So rather than sex, it’s a decline in romance?


K: The National Institute of Population and Social Security Research released data showing that the majority of people between 18 and 34 are single. 69.8% for guys, 59.1% for girls. In this economy people are really conservative with their money, making them less likely to want to spend it on dates. Kind of like why less people buy cars and go out drinking these days. Romance is becoming a luxury.

Q.若年層を中心に、日本人の性欲減退を実感されることはありますか?Have you experienced the effects of this firsthand?


K: Well, as a company we certainly haven’t noticed a decline in Japan’s sex drives. Our sales of adult goods for both men and women continue to rise every year. There are so many ways to get yourself off now that I think many people are approaching masterbation as a fun pastime. Our internal studies have shown that people who have a lot of sex tend to do a lot of masterbating too. Less people might be engaging in sex, but I don’t think their sexual desires have gone anywhere.

Q.製品の売れ行きが好調とのことですが、人気の男性用製品はなんでしょうか?So sales are up. What are your most popular items for men?


K: Our ‘Cup Series,’ which launched in July of 2005. Before then, if you sold 5000 units of an adult toy it was considered a huge hit. We shipped a million in that first year alone. Sales have only increased with time. We’ve sold over 50 million adult items since, including toys for women. Our most popular product is the ‘Deep Throat Cup.’ The ‘Egg Series’ is a hit too. I hear they’re a popular replacement for chocolate on Valentine’s Day (laughs).

Q.「カップシリーズ」の出荷数が伸びた理由を教えてください。Why was the ‘Cup Series’ such a smash hit?


K: A big part of the success came from a certain singer and some celebrities introducing them across various media outlets. It was right at the rise of social and online media, so the timing was just right. It also helped that the series contained 5 variations. There was something for everyone. These days customers can even choose the hardness of the gel inside and amount of stimulation at the head. They’re intended for daily use, so selecting the right one is like choosing a hard or soft toothbrush.

Then in 2013 you released the female self-pleasure item line ‘iroha.’ How did that come about?

工藤さん:“性を表通りに、誰もが楽しめるものに変えていく”というビジョン通り、設立当初から女性用アイテムの開発を予定していました。「女性にとって心地よい製品は、女性を中心に開発すべき」という思いから、業務デザインやPRなどの経験を積んだ女性社員が増えた段階で開発をスタートしたんです。約1年半の開発期間を経て、発売は2013年3月3日のひな祭り。発表時点で公式サイトのサーバーがダウンし、生産数を調整しなければいけないほどの人気で、売れ行きは目標の約3倍になりました。挿入もできる「iroha Fit」に新機能を加えた「iroha+」や、エントリーモデルの「iroha stick」など、シリーズ商品も増えています。

K: From the very beginning our vision was to bring adult items to the mainstream for everyone to enjoy. Of course that meant women too. Our design PR and design teams thought that women should be involved in development so they waited until we got more female employees before starting. After a year and a half of R&D, the series went on sale on March 3rd, the Girl’s Day festival. The response was so good that it crashed our servers and required us to ramp up production to meet demand. We sold three times more than expected. In addition to the entry model ‘iroha stick,’ we have the insertable ‘iroha Fit,’ ‘iroha +’ and other series.

Q.「iroha」を開発する上で、こだわったポイントはなんですか?What points did you have in mind when developing ‘iroha?’

工藤さん:こだわりは、手に触れたときの“やわらかさ”です。従来のアダルトグッズはプラスチック製が多く、デリケートな部分に当てるとヒヤっとするという意見がありました。それを改善するために、時間をかけて素材を吟味。何度も試作を重ねて、シリコンと新素材を組み合わせたあたたかみのある肌触りを実現しました。 “和モダン”がコンセプトのやさしいフォルム、振動力と静音性の両立など、他にも魅力がたくさんあります(笑)。

K: We wanted them to have a soft texture. In the past many adult toys were made of plastic and could irritate delicate areas. A lot of time was spent looking into alternative materials. After much trial and error we went with a mix of silicon and newly developed materials that feel warm to the touch. The inoffensive shapes hail from modern Japanese design. There’s so much to like about them, including the strong, silent vibration (laughs).

Q.女性の性意識に変化はありますか? 男性と比較して、オープンになってきている印象もありますよね。Has there been any change in female sexual awareness? It seems like girls are becoming more open, like men.

工藤さん:女性向けアダルトビデオメーカー「SILK LABO(シルクラボ)」が設立された頃を境に、女性の性に対する意識が徐々に変化してきた印象があります。また、春画や日活ロマンポルノなど、以前は主に男性が好んでいたコンテンツを文化や芸術として楽しむ女性も増えていますよね。セクシャルなコンテンツを、女性もオープンに楽しめる時代になってきたのかもしれません。サンプリング用にTENGA EGGを配ったときも、興味を示してくれるのは女性が多いです。男性のほうがシャイな傾向はあるかもしれませんね。

K: I really felt things were changing when the female oriented porn company ‘SILK LABO’ hit the scene. More and more women are into traditionally male contents, like Nikkatsu Roman Porno films and Shunga. I think we’re finally at a place where women are allowed to enjoy sex culture openly. A lot of girls were interested in our TENGA EGGS when we did a free sample campaign. If anything, guys might be more shy.

Q.今後のビジョンや展開についてお聞かせいただけますか?What do you have in store for us in the future?


K: We’d like to develop more healthcare products. The White, Red and Black ‘Deep Throat’ cups are currently being used to help treat men who have trouble ejaculating when they’re with women. We’re also working on fertility products. One such item is our ‘Men’s Loupe,’ which allows you to check your sperm count using your smartphone. It’s easy to do at home making it ideal for men who are too embarrassed to get it checked at a hospital. We want to help people get to know their own bodies before they get married and start trying to make babies. We’re a sexual wellness company, and as such we plan to continue releasing products to improve everyone’s sex life.

株式会社TENGATENGA Co., Ltd.


コンドームメーカーが語る、セックス離れの実態The decline in sex according to a major condom manufacturer

相模ゴム工業株式会社 営業企画室:山下博司さん(左)、磯部仁沙さん(右) Sagami Rubber Industries Co Ltd Marketing reps Hiroshi Yamashita (left) and Misa Isobe (right)

Q.若年層のセックス離れについて、どのようなご意見をお持ちですか?Do you think young people really aren’t interested in sex?



Yamashita (Y): I was shocked when our ‘Sex in Japan’ survey showed how many men in their 20s (40.6%) were still virgins. If people really don’t want to have sex anymore our country is in trouble, not to mention our position as condom manufacturers (laughs)!

Isobe (I): I think the root causes are mainly external factors. All this information overload has taught kids how to hide all vulnerability. Some men think too much and shy away from women.

Q.若年層を中心に、日本人の性欲減退を実感されることはありますか?Have either of you experienced the effects of this firsthand?



Y: I think that even if people aren’t having as much sex, the number of single men who would like to is still high. 82.8% of men in their 20s who took the ‘Sex in Japan’ survey answered they’d like to have sex. They just can’t due to a lack of courage or being overloaded at work and so on. More women in the workforce could also mean less time for couples to spend together. Rather than a decline in sex we might be dealing with a decline in basic communication.

I: If you break down our sales into age groups, it looks like this: 40% of sales are to people in their 20s, 28% to people in their 30s and 18% to people in their 40s. A large majority of sales are to people in their 20s. I think this shows that many young people are still having sex.

Q.女性と男性の性意識、その違いについて教えてください。What are the differences between how men and women perceive sex?


I: Our data shows that since only 25.5% of women in their 20s are virgins, many of their first sexual encounters are with older men. Until recently 80% of condoms were purchased by men, but with online sales we see the number of female customers rise to 40%. The Internet has made it more comfortable for women to get proactive about protection. This could be another sign that women are developing a more open attitude towards sex. My friends are all amazed that I’m working for a condom company (laughs).

Q.コンドームの出荷数は、どのように推移していますか?Has any of this affected condom sales numbers?


Y: A study done by the Condom Manufacturers Association shows that domestic sales were in decline through 2012. This may be due to the aging population and the feminization of men. In 2002 around 3.25 million gross units were sold (1 gross = 144). By 2012 that number had dropped to 2.5 million. That’s a drop of 750,000. However, the numbers began increasing in 2013 and by 2015 were up to 2.8 million gross.

Q.2013年以降、出荷数が右肩上がりになった理由はなんでしょうか?What do you think led to the increase starting in 2013?

山下さん:ポリウレタン製の薄いコンドーム(0.01mm)に対して、興味・関心が高まっていることが理由でしょう。外国人観光客がお土産として購入する、インバウンド需要も生まれています。弊社でも2014年9月に「サガミオリジナル 001」を全国発売して、それを実感しました。状況は、少しずつ良くなっていますね。

Y: There was a lot of interest in the ultra-thin (0.01mm) polyurethane condoms. Tourists started buying them as souvenirs and created an inbound market. In September 2014 we launched the ‘Sagami Original 001’ line and noticed a increase too. The market is improving little by little.

Q.注目の新商品があれば、ぜひ教えてください。Are there any new products you’d like to share with us?

山下さん:3月7日、女性向けの新商品として「HOT KISS」を発売予定です。こちらは、体の水分に反応して発熱する温感ゼリー付きのコンドーム。サガミオリジナルを購入している女性消費者から「パートナーのぬくもりを感じる(熱伝導性の高さ)」に魅力を感じるというご意見を度々いただきます。そうした女性の声を反映して生まれました。

磯部さん:性交時のうるおい不足にお悩みの方へ向けて、「99%水 潤滑ゼリー」も同日に発売を予定しています。パラベンやホルモン剤、及び刺激のある化学成分は使用せず、潤滑剤の機能を果たす上で本当に必要な成分のみを処方しているのが特長です。また、男性向けには自分で厚さや形状、潤滑剤をカスタマイズできるコンドーム「MY CON!」を、昨年12月から販売しています。こちらは、オフィシャルサイト「サガミショップ」限定販売。「自分に合うコンドームを使いたい!」という方にオススメですよ。

Y: We’ve got a new line aimed at women called ‘HOT KISS’ coming out on March 7th. They’re condoms with a jelly that responds to body moisture by heating up. Many of our female customers were looking for a product to help them feel the warmth of their partner, so we gave them exactly that.

I: On the same day we’re also releasing a ‘99% Water Lubricant Jelly’ for people who need a little extra moisture in bed. It’s free from parabens, hormones or any potentially irritating substances and only uses the bare minimum of materials needed in a lube. In December we’ve got a line of condoms that let men customize the thickness, shape and lube called “MY CON!” They’ll only be available in our ‘Sagami Shop’ official online store. They’re perfect for guys who want a condom that completely matches them.

Q.会社で行っているキャンペーンや企画はありますか?Do you have any special campaigns you’d like to share?

山下さん:ストレートに愛情表現することの素晴らしさをお伝えするために、動物の求愛行動を編纂した「ACT OF LOVE ~愛は、行動するもの。~」という図鑑を発刊しました。構想4年、制作に2年かかっています(笑)。動物の愛情表現は、人間よりずっとシンプルです。だからこそ、真摯に胸を打つし、学べる点がたくさんあると思います。無料で閲覧できるウェブ版、動物たちの求愛行動を人間がダンスで表現したPVもあるので、ぜひチェックしてみてくださいね。

磯部さん:クリスマス・イヴを1人で過ごされる方へ向けた「さびしんぼナイト」も、サガミオリジナルプレゼンツです。毎年クリスマスシーズンに、東京・新木場のageHa(アゲハ)で開催するイベントで、年々来場者が増えています。また、コンドーム需要が増える夏にも、4年前から「真夏のSABISHINBO NIGHT」開催するようになりました。3月18日(土)に開催される音楽フェスティバル、「ビクターロック祭り2017」でも弊社のコンドームを配布予定です。音楽のジャンルに限らず、さまざまなイベントに関わっていきたいと思います。

Y: Well, we published a visual dictionary called ‘ACT OF LOVE’ which shows the beauty of raw affection through animal courtship. It was in planning for 4 years and it took another 2 to develop it (laughs). Compared to us humans, animal courtship is really straightforward. But that simplicity strikes a chord when you see it, and we can learn a lot from them. We’ve got a free video online in which dancers reenact animal mating rituals, which I highly recommend checking out.

I: Another of our Sagami Original concepts is ‘Sabishinbo Night,’ an event for people who’re spending Christmas Eve alone. It’s held every Christmas season at ageHa, a club in Tokyo’s Shinkiba and each year attendance has risen. It’s so popular that 4 years ago we started ‘Mid-summer’s Sabishinbo Night,’ since summer is the peak season for condom consumption. On March 18th (Saturday) we’ll be giving out free condoms at Victor Rock Matsuri 2017. We’re hoping to do more events like that in the future.

Q.最後に、読者へ伝えたいメッセージをお願いします。Do you have any parting words for our readers?


Y: When I was younger I got turned down by women left and right, but I didn’t let it faze me. That’s the kind of time it was (laughs). I believe it’s important to risk being honest about your feelings if you like someone. I guess what I’d like to say is that if you don’t take any risks you can’t reap any rewards. Good luck, guys!

相模ゴム工業株式会社Sagami Rubber Industries Co., Ltd.


恋愛やセックスも“二極化”が進んでいる?Have love and sex become polarized?


OK, let’s recap. TENGA says their sales keep going up and that they don’t see a decline in the sex drives of people of any age. On the other hand we have Sagami Rubber, whose sales took a dive awhile back but are slowly recovering. If you break it down by age, young people are easily buying the most condoms. And yet the number of young people having sex is in decline. Everything seems to have become polarized here.
Now this is just a theory, but in an age with so many ways to kill time, sex has been reduced to something of a hobby. Stop eating or sleeping and you won’t last very long, but giving up sex never killed anyone. So there’s got to be people out there sacrificing sex for the sake of another hobby. People who are into sex have no problem spending their money on it instead of other things. And believe me when I say there are plenty of sex products out there to spend it on. There were ‘herbivore males’ and ‘carnivorous females’ long before we came up with those labels. It’s just that economic factors and this polarization brought them to the public’s attention.

もう1つ気になったのが、男性と女性の対比だ。男性はセクシャルな事柄に対してナイーヴになり、女性は以前より積極的になった節がある。性産業をリードする2社に、若い女性たちが勤めているという事実も、その証明になるかもしれない。いまや性のボーダーレス化が進み、男性だってフェミニンな服を着ることがあるし、念入りにスキンケアしたりもする時代だ。逆に、鉄道やプラモデルなどの男性的な趣味にハマる女性だって増えた。男らしさや女らしさを美徳とする価値観は薄れつつある。……とはいえ、ちょっと男性が弱りすぎな気もする(笑)。積極的な女性が増えているなら、むしろチャンスじゃないか? 男性が少し勇気を振り絞るだけで、状況は変わりそうだけどなあ。

The other thing I’d like to point out is the shifting gender roles. Men have become more naive when it comes to sex, while women are now more assertive. In fact, the two leading sex companies we spoke with both had young female employees. More and more men enjoy wearing feminine clothing and fuss over skin care, just as there are more women into traditionally male hobbies like trains or plastic models. The lines have become very blurred, perhaps too much when it comes to feminine men (lol). More sexually active women should mean more chances for all to score, right? Guys, things could really turn around if you had just a little more guts.


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