EDMリアル青春白書。映画「WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS ウィー・アー・ユア・フレンズ」 The truth behind the dance music industry: We Are Your Friends

世界中のメインストリームを席巻しているサウンドであり、熱狂と非日常的な空間を演出する音楽、EDM。世界各国のパーティーを飛び回るトップDJになると、年間ウン十億も稼ぎ、セレブと浮名を流し、富も地位も名声も全て獲得することができる、まさに夢のある世界だ。そんなEDMシーンを舞台に、夢、仲間、恋愛を描いた映画が「WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS ウィー・アー・ユア・フレンズ」である。

The sound that’s sweeping the global mainstream music scene, combining unchanging energy with new and unknown beats – Electronic dance music (EDM). It’s the sound home to the world’s top DJs, whose megabuck careers, superstar status and notorious love lives fill the gossip columns and make hot topic in conversation all over the world. Now a new movie getting behind the scenes of all the dreams and drama is coming to Japan this month.


‘We Are Your Friends’ shows Zac Efron take the lead as Cole Carter, an aspiring young DJ who finds himself at a crossroads. After a chance meeting with veteran DJ James (Wes Bentley), he is taken under his wing as they set out on a mission to make the next bit hit track. Reaching breakthrough status and with a date at the hottest music festival secured, Cole has everything set. However, affairs in love bring huge strain to Cole and James’ relationship as Cole falls for Sophie (Emily Ratajkowski). The drama doesn’t stop there, as a series of unfortunate events send Cole plummeting back to rock bottom. Can he make the right choices in love, loyalty and friendship to get him back where he wants to be?


‘We Are Your Friends’ is a chronicle of the struggles of youth; of trying to find yourself and establish your career. Guest appearances from Dillon Francis, Nicky Romero and Alesso bring a touch of reality to the drama, showing that as long as you dream it, you really can be it. It’s a fast-paced, ambitious movie, which doesn’t stray from the beat.


6月24日(金)よりTOHOシネマズ 六本木ヒルズほか全国ロードショー

We Are Your Friends

Director: Max Joseph
Starring: Zac Efron, Emily Ratajkowski, Wes Bentley, Alesso,Nicky Romero,
Dillon Francis
Sponsors: Parco, Happinet
Distribution: Regents
Showing in Toho Cinema Roppongi Hills and other selected cinemas nationwide from 24th June.


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