ブレイクダンスで見せる若者たちの自由と夢。映画「ブレイク・ビーターズ」 Breakdancing and politics: Dessau Dancers


Flashback to the 1980’s, when the Berlin wall still stood tall and East Germany was still its own country. The socialist state with all its rules and regulations may seem an unlikely birthplace for a breakdancing boom, but that is precisely what happened. German indie movie Dessau Dancers (Japanese title: Break Beaters) is the real life story of dreams, freedom, music and youth.


Set in 1984, the main character Frank (Gordon Kammerer) is a talented gymnast, set on a path for Olympic greatness. However one day whilst watching TV, he comes across the classic breakdancing movie ‘Beat Street’ and his life is changed forever. He soon sets out with his crew Alex (Oliver Konietzny), Michel (Sebastian Jaeger) and the only girl of the group Matti (Sonja Gerhardt) to breakdance on the streets. There are heated scenes of dance battles with rival dance crews, and the whole thing definitely feels very ‘West Side Story’-esque.
The authorities soon latch on to the breakdancers, planning to use them to promote socialist values. Each group is given an artists license, and they are toured around and featured on TV. As Frank and his friends become superstars, will they be able to hold on to their own artistic expression and freedom of speech...?


Dessau Dancers is a story of love and youth whilst remaining cleverly centered around old world politics and Eastern Germany’s final years. There are no stunt doubles or special effects, which makes it all the more impressive – there’s a real sense of reality about the whole thing. It goes to show that the youth really are the future – they create their own freedoms just like Frank and his friends broke the mould under a strict governmental regime. Despite the generation gap, it’s a movie to which any young person will be able to relate.


監督: ヤン・マルティン・シャルフ
脚本: ルート・トーマ
出演: ゴードン・ケメラー、ゾーニャ・ゲルハルト、オリバー・コニエツニー、
配給: アニモプロデュース

Dessau Dancers (Japanese Title: Break Beaters)

Director: Jan Martin Scharf
Screenplay: Ruth Toma
Starring: Gordon Kammerer, Oliver Konietzny, Sebastian Jaeger, Sonja Gerhardt
Distribution: Animo Produce
Showing from 25th June at the Human Trust Cinema, Shibuya and other selected cinemas throughout Japan.


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関連記事はありません。There are no related articles.