“大きなお尻”にご注目! little funny face All eyes on these big booties!  little funny face

SNS全盛の今。Instagramで公開した作品が話題を呼び、そこから活動の幅を広げる若手クリエイターが増えている。1990年生まれ、湘南出身の女性イラストレーター・little funny face(リトルファニーフェイス)も、その1人に数えられるだろう。

We live in the age of social media, where young creators get their start by posting work on sites like Instagram. Shonan-born 26 year old illustrator ‘little funny face’ is one such artist.

活動開始から2年目となる今年は、下北沢の秘密基地的シェアスペース「レインボー倉庫」や、奥渋谷にある出版と小売が一体化した書店「SHIBUYA PUBLISHING & BOOKSELLERS(SPBS)」で個展を開催した。
さらには、藤沢を本拠地とするストリート系セレクトショップ「Lafayette(ラファイエット)」とコラボレーションを行うなど、精力的に活動中のlittle funny face。彼女が描き出す作品の世界を、もう少し覗いてみよう。

Armed with only Copic markers--a designer favorite she acquired a taste for during her time as a fashion major--she uses Instagram as a portfolio for her unique illustrations featuring the everyday life of exotic women. Her work is un-Japanese in the best way possible and speaks to young fans here and abroad.
Since her debut two year ago she’s been keeping busy with solo shows in the Shimokitazawa hideaway Rainbow Soko and backstreet publishing house/book store SHIBUYA PUBLISHING & BOOKSELLERS (SPBS), along with a collaboration with Fujisawa street fashion select shop Lafayette. Now that you know who she is let’s take a closer look at her work.

“Big booty(大きなおしり)”と“だらしない日常”

イラストの主なモチーフは、さまざまな人種の女の子たち。どの女の子も“Big booty(大きなおしり)”で肉感たっぷりに描かれているが、不思議といやらしさは感じない。健康的なエロティシズムだ。
しかし、はつらつな肉体とは裏腹に、女の子たちの日常はちょっぴり不健康気味。カウチに寝そべりながらポテチを食べたり、浴槽でタバコをくゆらせたり、ベロベロに酔い潰れたりetc. “だらしない日常”が作者独自の目線で切り取られている。女の子たちの怠惰な姿を見て、

“Big booties” and “laid-back lifestyles”

The most common motif you’ll notice are girls from an array of ethnicities and their big booties. Before you get yourself worked up, there’s nothing dirty or disrespectful here. Only good clean fun.
Despite their amazing bodies we can’t help but worry about the lifestyle choices these ladies make. Couch surfing with potato chips, smoking in the bathroom, getting totally smashed… The relatability of their less-than-perfect lives has probably been key to attracting her many fans (including yours truly… lol).



It all started in New York

According to the artist she got inspiration for the series after vacationing alone in New York. Staying in Harlem she saw immigrants from all over, but unsurprisingly few Japanese tourists. What she remembers most from that experience is that even with the economic situation and high crime rates of the neighborhood, its inhabitants seemed perfectly content with life.
In her own words, “People say my illustrations are simultaneously exotic and casual, but all I’m doing is trying to recapture the atmosphere I saw back then. People standing around in the middle of the afternoon drinking and laughing, or just chilling on the street without a care in the world. It was great.” Obviously observing the life of everyday Americans had a huge impact on her art.

「ニューヨークでは、体型が太めでも、タイトな服を着ている女性をたくさん見かけました。堂々と自分の好きなファッションを楽しむ姿が、とても格好良く感じたんです。女の子たちをモデルのように細く描かなくなったのも、それがきっかけ。 “ありのままこそ素敵”だと、作品を見た人に伝えられたら嬉しいです」
国籍の境界を取り払ったような、自由な雰囲気をイラストで表現するlittle funny face。下記のInstagramアカウントにアクセスすれば、多くの作品を閲覧できる。気になる人は要チェックだ。

She also had this to say:
“In New York women didn’t care about their size. They’d wear tight clothes anyway. I thought it was so cool to see girls dress however they like without worrying about what people might think. That’s why I don’t draw girls who look like supermodels. There’s an honesty to the “what you see is what you get” mentality that I hope comes through in my art.”
The appeal of little funny face’s illustrations knows no borders. Get a taste of that freedom by checking out the link to her Instagram feed below!

little funny face

イラストレーター。1990年神奈川県藤沢市生まれ、東京都在住。2014年末より、Instagramで作品を公開。“Big booty(大きなおしり)”な女の子たちの“だらしない日常”を描き、男女を問わず若い世代の支持を集める。2015年には自身のホームタウン藤沢で、2016年には下北沢と渋谷で個展を開催。さらには、多数のアパレルブランドとコラボレーションを行うなど、活動の幅を広げている。

little funny face is a Tokyo-based illustrator born in Fujisawa, Kanagawa in 1990. Since beginning Instagram in 2014 she’s gained a lot of young followers, male and female alike, with her drawings of “big booties” and “laid-back lifestyles.” She had a solo show in her hometown of Fujisawa in 2015, followed by two more in Shimokitazawa and Shibuya in 2016. She continues to do a number of collaborations with apparel brands and expand her personal brand.


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