Z TOKYO'S PHILOSOPHY 独自の編集方針 GLOBAL 全世界に向けた視点をもつこと A global perspective GENERATION Z Z世代へ関心を届けることができること Support for the up-and-coming young generation. Generation Z NOT DESTRUCTIVE ポジティブに今と未来を想像できること Innovative contents with a positive message

ローンチパーティで伝えたかったこと。なぜローンチパーティでプレゼンテーションを行ったのか。今、あらためてその真意を残したいと思う。世界へ何を伝えていきたいか、何を伝えていくべきか。今そこにある「TOKYO PRIDE」という価値を、実感してほしい。



ダイバーシティを形成しながら、国際社会へと向かっていく、そんな混沌とした場所が「東京」です。今、この場所でリアルに生きる若者たちが「いいね!」と思った、その瞬間を伝えていくこと。それが、我々が伝えていきたいミックスカルチャー、ネオトーキョーという世界観です。その価値を、「Z TOKYO」から世界中へ発信していきます。

Z TOKYO編集長 氏家聡史

The Z TOKYO Launch Party. What was the message behind the facade? Why make a presentation in a club? And DJs...? Come share the Tokyo Pride as we explain what exactly we are communicating to the world. What is the mission of Z TOKYO? Watch to see for yourself.

The modern day world is a majestic place, full of new discoveries, innovation and potential.

At least that’s how we want our users to feel. In a digital era of mixed messages and crossed lines, how the media engages with the younger generation has become a hot topic.

What kind of things make the youth of today buzz? What stories can they relate to? Who do they empathise with, who do they look up to, what do they find funny or touching or beneficial to their lives? We stripped back the concept of media to stand on an equal playing field with generation Z, and discovered that the answer lies in communication.

A city in the process of moulding its future as an international metropolis engaging in diversity, we are taking to the streets of Tokyo to find out what makes the youth of Japan click- and we’re not just talking about the like button. It’s more than just a simple trend. It’s an entire cultural movement with generation Z in the driving seat and raring to go. We call it ‘NEO TOKYO’, and we believe we are documenting history.

Satoshi Ujiie, Editor-in-chief.


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