MADE IN JAPANの新しいビーチサンダル「JoJo」 Made In Japan:Craftsmanship and quirky fashion at its best.


Gion, Kyoto. The soul of Japan’s traditional culture brimming with old cobbled streets, Geishas, vibrant reds of temples and soothing greens of nature. Now, an esteemed handmade footwear shop based in the district has taken their meticulous approach to craftsmanship and created a new sandal which ties East and West, past and present, and old and new. The design, using a firm Geta strap, was said to be inspired by the awkwardness of regular rubber beach sandals when worn for a long period of time (blisters, anyone?).




Naito’s ‘JoJo’ is crafted with the same fabric found in swimwear – it’s all about elasticity and flexibility, giving the perfect fit for hours of easy breezy wear.

The squishy part is identical material to the rubber teat of a baby bottle – ultra soft and gentle on the tootsies. The sandals mould to the shape of the feet like memory foam, giving long lasting comfort. Under the handmade cork sole lies a chunk of super tough SBR – the same rubber used in tires.

It’s the painstaking design details like these that make JoJo the perfect investment piece for the closet. Unlike plastic beach sandals that break and have to be thrown out each season, JoJo can be worn everyday forever.

「Highly-selcted materials for useー素材を厳選するのは、いつまでも履いていただきたいから」今までのビーチサンダルの概念を覆す、新しいビーチサンダルはwebサイトにて予約受付中。

The cute and simple design that uses traditional Japanese Geta shoes for inspiration is bound to give any outfit a cute spin, and who knows, they might just make you feel like a real life Geisha in Gion.


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