平成が終わる!?今こそ振り返りたい「平成ノスタルジー」 The end of an era in Japan?

2016年7月6日より、オーストラリアやアメリカ、そして少し遅れて日本でもサービスがスタートし、爆発的な人気となっている「Pokémon GO」。ポケットモンスター通称・ポケモンは、昔から変わらない人気で日本だけでなく、世界中で愛され続けている。最初にポケモンのゲームが販売されたのは、今から約22年前。平成6年のことだ―。

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, you’ll be well aware that Pokémon Go is taking over the world. The adorable little cartoon creatures have remained a steady classic throughout the years - not just in their home country of Japan, but all over the world. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whopping 22 years since the first ever Pokémon game was released in 1994, right at the start of Japan’s Heisei era.




Heisei fever

However as recent news suggests, Heisei may soon be drawing to a close. The Emperor recently indicated his intention to abdicate within his lifetime, which would mean passing his role onto his son. That means Japan would enter into a new era. The whole thing has prompted a kind of ‘Heisei nostalgia’ for the generation Z kids that were born and raised in the nineties.

Most people in Japan are familiar with ‘Showa nostalgia’ - the period running from 1926 - 1989. There are plenty of period movies, novels and even quirky little restaurants all decorated out in colourful Showa style with old sweets and toys that used to be popular back in the day. But now the time is coming for another kind of nostalgia in Japan: the Heisei nineties have officially earned their title as “old school”.



Nineties kids

Let’s go back to Pokémon. Most of generation Z will look upon the whole thing as a super nostalgic blast from the past. Every nineties kid remembers the playground Pokémon boom - exchanging cards with your classmates and watching the TV show every Saturday morning in your pajamas. It was an unforgettable fact of nineties life and one of the main markers of many people’s childhood.


Speaking to a bunch of people born in 1994, you’ll hear all about ‘Hama beads’ (you know, those little beads you arrange into a picture on a peg board and then get your mum to iron over), the battle as to who had the coolest stationary, and of course note-passing in class. But you have to admit it; Pokémon was the king of the nineties. The person with shiny Charizard was automatically the most popular kid in school, and all free time was spent immersed in the Gameboy games.



Primary school antics get the most nostalgic reactions - even if the schools themselves were different, everybody can revel in the main trends and popular games. It often sparks a huge recall of the good old days which will definitely make you feel old. Sure, it’s important to change it up and take in new culture and new trends as time goes on, but every so often you’ve got to admit it’s nice to look back on your more innocent childhood days and remember the simplicity of it all. Heisei kids too will no doubt be feeling more and more nostalgic as the era draws to a close. Sometimes it’s good to take a minute to reflect.


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