Q.ELE TOKYOで今回プレイをしようと思ったきっかけ。(日本のクラブシーンをどう思ったか)Why did you choose to play at ELE TOKYO? What did you think of the Japanese club scene?

日本人はすごく前向き/革新的?だと思う。ファッションでも、ライフスタイルでも、クラブシーンでもいつも新鮮。俺にとってELE TOKYOはクラブだけじゃなくて、体験。インテリアでも場所でも全部完璧だ。スタッフもサービスも完璧だし。さすが日本のおもてなし。

I'n general I really love how forward thinking japanese people are. It reflects in fashion, lifestyle and the clubscene.Ele Tokyo is more than just a nightclub to me, it's an experience. You can tell they thought about every aspect when they built this club. From the interior to the logistics, everything is just right! I also would like to say that the staff is amazing, their service is outstanding! But then again, the hospitality in Japan is always amazing.

You often mix genres to create a new style of music - what genre would you like to try mixing next?


At this point i'm very happy with all the genres I involve in my sets. I don't think there is a genre left that I would like to add to my sets. I'm really happy that I can add some more hiphop elements to my sets these days. I really missed that for a minute because people were not into it but hiphop is definitely back on all dancefloors!

Q.今後、ダンスミュージックシーンは、どうあってほしいか(日本のシーンも含め)What do you think dance musicians should focus on doing next? What about the Japanese dance scene?


I think dance musicians should focus more on just making good music without compromising too much for the radio.It's hard sometimes because social media can be very misleading. Sometimes your most brilliant production can get low numbers as far as likes, views and feedback.I would say just do what you love because the fans are fans because they loved what you did anyway when they found out about you and your music..

Q.日本、特に東京は世界に比べて何が魅力だと思うか。Did you enjoy Japan? What stood out to you in Tokyo?


I always enjoy Japan. What stood out for me is the fact that the japanese night definitely picked up even more. The crowd is also way more into all types of sounds. I played all kinds of styles and unknown tracks in my sets and the crowd accepted it! So you could say the japanese crowd is way more open minded these days!!! I want to come back ASAP! Haha..


オランダ出身の人気DJ / プロデューサー CHUCKIE (チャッキー)。Dirty Dutch 、ヒップホップや、トラップなど、ひとつのサウンドに固執せずジャンルレスなスタイルでEDMシーンで異才を放つCHUCKIE。爆発的ヒットとなった LMFAOとの楽曲 「Let The Bass Kick in Miami Bitch」にはじまり、その独特のプレイスタイルで、EDC(Electric Daisy Carnival)、Tomorrowlandなど多くのフェスへ出演する。

Holland DJ and producer Chuckie combines genres like Dirty Dutch, Hip Hop and Trap to create his quirky electronic sound that is taking over the EDM industry. His hits include the bestselling LMFAO collab 'Let The Bass Kick in Miami Bitch'. He is also a regular feature at festivals such as EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) and Tomorrowland.


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