日本のファッションをニューヨークへ!ファッショニーズジャパン代表・柏原征臣 Masa Kashihara of Fashionese Japan


Finding new brands to obsess over seems to be the most difficult thing to me. I’m always trying to find new noteworthy items, but of course without having to sell my organs for experimentation in the process. However, everyone knows it’s ok to splurge on a few key pieces every once in a while. Biggest question is, what’s the easiest way to find good investment pieces? This is where ‘Fashionese Japan’ owners Masa Kashihara and Toma Satake come in.

代表は柏原征臣(カシハラ マサオミ)と佐武統馬(サタケ トウマ)。ハワイの高校へ一緒に通っていた時からずっとファッションに興味があった二人は、高校時代にTシャツを作ったりしていた。卒業後、佐武さんは日本に帰国し服飾学校へ、柏原さんは美容師になる為ニューヨークへ。それでも二人はファッションを突き詰め続け、今のビジネス、「ファッショニーズジャパン」というブランドを築いた。

Kashihara and Satake have both been interested in fashion since they were in high school. After becoming friends whilst living in Hawaii, they ended up joining forces to make T-shirts and other products that they could produce from the comfort of their homes. After high school, Satake travelled back to Japan to attend university there, whilst Kashihara stayed in Hawaii until moving to New York City at age 21 to become a hairstylist. However over the years, they continued to collaborate and developed their current boutique / select shop business, ‘Fashionese Japan’ that they both run today.


Sitting down to talk with Kashihara I could feel enthusiasm radiating out from him. He was quiet, but had a strong aura about him. Soon into the interview, Kashihara explained his reasons for starting a fashion business. “We love Japanese culture and wanted to show people all over the world what the Japanese do. The majority of products nowadays are made in China and India, but everything we carry is made in Japan. We just want to showcase the craftsmanship.”


“There are a lot of high end boutiques in New York, but what we’re trying to do is different. Everyone wears the same brands – and don’t get me wrong, I love them – but we want to give good Japanese brands the opportunity to break onto the scene here”, he says. Kashihara cites the mostly untouched world of Japanese fashion design as a hidden treasure not fully appreciated on the global fashion scene. “Craftsman in Japan aren’t popular because they never have time to promote. They do everything by themselves, making entire shoes, accessories and clothes from scratch. When a new collection comes out, hardly anyone is aware of it. So that’s why we’re here - to help them sort out their PR.”


It all sounded very cool, but I was curious as how Kashihara juggled both his hairdressing job and the fashion business. Kashihara explains, “I still work as a hairstylist, but what with time difference between New York and Japan, when I finish work here, I can then become director of Fashionese at night.” Kashihara continues, “I talk to people here, go to Liberty Fairs and trade shows and then afterwards I keep in contact with the brands. I’m constantly emailing people and liaising with brands in Japan to see if they want to showcase their line in New York. But the catch is, we don’t do any Japanese brand that’s already popular, so firstly we have to figure out if they’re passionate, what type of fabrics they’re using, if it’s all made in Japan, etc etc.”


Kashihara is definitely someone with amazing entrepreneurial vision and a passion for his job. As the morning rush began to dull and Kashihara finished his cup of coffee, he left me with a few departing words of wisdom about establishing a career. “If you feel happy doing what you like and are making money, then that’s the best thing ever. So why don't you give your dream job a try and if it doesn’t work, then you can always try something else. If you find yourself giving up pretty easily, then maybe it’s not even your dream to begin with. I say think about, give it a try and if it doesn’t work then try something else. And don’t forget - if you work hard there’s more chance of making it happen. I’m not saying if you work hard you’ll always be successful, but it definitely increases the odds. And everybody knows it’s better to increase the odds.”

アンディー ジャクソン ANDY JACKSON

アンディー ジャクソン

日々、都会を探検しているデラウェア州大学に通う現役大学生。ブログ「Le Homme Journal」にて定期的に配信。日本の文化やアメリカのライフスタイルを自身のフィルターを通して国際的な「おしゃれ」を世界に発信している。

blogger/university student

Andy Jackson is a man about town. he is writing for his blog 'Le Homme Journal' or heading to class at Delaware State University. Andy's biggest hope is to bring more of a unique approach to introducing American culture to the Japanese, through his own love of Japan providing a window into both worlds.

Tokyo by way of New York

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